Get The Grades You Deserve!


Our marking-only option is ideal if you seek:
  • detailed (line by line, point by point) marking of your written answer(s) to past problem questions or essays;
  • expert guidance on examiner expectations and the level of analysis required at each grade level;
  • greater confidence in answering exam questions, as we show you specifically how to answer.  (This goes beyond IRAC, and does not require memorizing tons of pre-written templates!)
  • higher grades in a particular module.
Students in our marking option note that they scored at least one grade level above what they had anticipated in the UOL exam.  Approximately 75% of those who had previously failed while studying on their own or with another teaching institution, went from “Fail” to “Second Upper” after enrolling in our marking-only option. All 100% of students in our making-only option achieved above 55 marks in their modules. Contact Us to start.
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