Get The Grades You Deserve!


We are a LIVE Online School specializing in law modules including:

  • Semester classes, exam prep, and one-on-one lessons for University of London’s LL.B and LL.M;
  • Individual and small-group lessons, tutoring and revision classes for students majoring in law or studying at law schools in Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, USA, and more; and
  • Corporate training in specific and narrow aspects of comparative and cross-border law for multinationals and senior executives.

Our faculty are experienced course developers, university lecturers and seasoned examiners, most of whom hold doctoral degrees from Top 100 universities in the world, and all earned their law degrees from brick-and-mortar Top 20 law schools in the world.

Individually, we have chalked up 12 to 29 years of university teaching and developing new courses from scratch, writing module guides, training faculty in pedagogically-advanced methods of online delivery, setting and marking exam questions and moderating exams at both graduate and undergraduate levels in several countries.

As seasoned educators, we very quickly size up what you know (and don’t know!) and, in the shortest amount of time, get you from where you are currently, to what you must know, based on your module syllabus.

What We Don’t, And Won’t, Do:

  • Teach from A to Z in a linear manner, and as disparate and discrete topics.
  • Inculcate a “Drill, Memorize and Regurgitate” method of learning.
  • Provide encyclopedic-sized volumes of rewritten textbook material (your textbooks and module guides are more than sufficient!).
  • Up-sell videos or CDs, study materials, flash cards, etc.
  • Make you memorize “template” or boilerplate “model” answers.
  • Sugarcoat and say you “will surely get 70+” marks when it’s obvious you won’t, unless you painstakingly learn to craft  your answers specific to an Examiner’s expectations.  (We’ve been Senior Examiners at other universities, and we show what it takes to reach Second Upper and First and, more importantly, how and why!)
  • Hire “talking heads” whose sole function is to read and regurgitate from their — or their lecturer’s or professor’s — notes.  (Our criteria: our instructors all earned their law degrees from the Top 20 law schools in the world, and nearly all have doctoral degrees from Top 100 universities worldwide.)
  • Make empty promises.

What you get is our solid technical expertise, honed from years of setting higher academic standards at the universities we’ve taught, setting and marking university law exam questions, writing exam marking guides detailing expectations at various grade bands, and teaching students to Think (And Answer) Like An Examiner.

What you get is our very detailed marking — to exam standards — and, from an Examiner’s vantage point, the structure, approach and detailed analysis, evaluation and critique needed at each grade band.

What you also get is our unparalleled commitment to your academic success.  We know our academic standards, and we know and are confident in what it takes to get you to the “Second Upper” or “First” you desire.

Most of our faculty have taught or tutored University of London law modules continuously for over 15 years, with 100% passes.

Why come to us?  Because, as many of our students iterate,

We Get You To The Grades You Deserve!

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