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This course is broadly concerned with the study of criminal justice systems from a comparative perspective.

It considers criminal justice systems from a range of jurisdictions, with a view to highlighting the merits and drawbacks of these systems. These systems may or may not potentially endorse or undermine the pursuit of justice.

The course broadly explores the fact that what a crime is can often be described as a social construct, because it can differ according to the nation state’s own definition of what it wishes to be criminal.

The course reviews the various methods of comparison, from the approaches that can be taken when studying criminal justice policy, the tools used to complete field work, the ability to critically consider crime and punishment statistics from a number of jurisdictions to an identification and review of the key philosophies, aims and values of criminal justice systems criminal justice systems around the world.

Module A: Methods of Comparative Research


Module B: Legal Cultures and Criminal Justice Policy


Module C: Aspects of Comparative Criminal Policy


Module D: Global Crime



Each module is assessed by a 45-minute unseen written exam.


The modules must be completed in order.

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