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This course investigates the relationship between intellectual property and the internet.

What does intellectual property on the internet consist of? The internet has changed almost everything, and intellectual property law constitutes one of the most important aspects of its transformation.

Old models are broken, no longer fitting how the world has changed, and we’re not altogether sure with what to replace them.

One of the key issues is whether we rewrite laws afresh or seek to modify traditional concepts to better meet the needs of our internet society.

These key issues and their implications, along with the agencies that play significant roles in relation to ‘internet governance’ are explored in detail in this course.

Module A: Digital Copyright


Module B: Trade Marks and Other Rights in Distinctive Signs Online


Module C: Domain Names


Module D: Computer-Related Patents



Each module is assessed by a 45-minute unseen written exam.


The modules can be attempted in any order.

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