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This is a fascinating and important subject, in part because of the immense range of intellectual endeavor it embodies.

It is generally advisable that you have taken an introductory course on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory.

If you are new to the subject, please do some basic and additional reading before you start, and be knowledgeable about the standard works and writings in the field up to LL.B standard.

At the postgraduate (Master’s) level, this requires you to:

Most students find the course intensely practical, but intellectually challenging.

Note: This is a double module subject.

Module A/B: Modern Legal Theory


Selected topics on the development of Anglo-American legal philosophy from the origins of utilitarianism to the present day, including contemporary debates on philosophical method and the nature of law.

Module C/D: Liberty, Equality and Law


Selected topics in the development of liberalism, including the ideas of liberty and equality and their relevance in the present day to our understanding of community, economics, cultural diversity and feminism.


Each double module is assessed by a 90-minute unseen written paper.

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