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[Note: this course replaces ‘Fraud, corruption and money laundering.’]

In the wake of the recent global financial crisis a huge amount of financial crime has been exposed to view, ranging from the Bernard Madoff collapse, to the PPI mis-selling scandal and the prosecutions for insider dealing.

This has become a very hot topic and a fascinating time to study not just how the law works in the UK, but also how should the criminal law, financial market practice and financial regulation all interact.

This course investigates where criminal law works better, and where financial regulation works better, when tackling the kinds of abusive practices we are concerned about.

We will also discuss the line between what is criminal and what is unethical and where that boundary should be.

One of the strengths of this course is that you are not just learning the law, and you aren’t just learning how to use that law in practice. You’re also reflecting on what that law means and where that law will go in the future.

Module A: Insider dealing and market abuse


Module B: Fraud and market manipulation


Module C: Money laundering


Module D: The nature of the law on financial crime



Each module is assessed by a 45-minute unseen written examination.


Module A, B and C must be completed before Module D.

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