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The course is intended not only to provide a basic grounding in Russian law and institutions, but also to extend your intellectual horizons and abilities; to challenge you to develop skills and find application in your other studies and professional career.

This course is concerned with the development of the law, legal system, and legal institutions — from the 10th century to present time — of what is popularly known as ‘Russia,’ officially known as the ‘Russian Federation.’

The term ‘law’ will be in its broadest possible extent, including formal legislation, customary rules, relevant rules of international law and individual treaties and legal doctrine along with anything else treated by the Russian state or by Russian jurists as comprising part of ‘law.’

For our purposes, ‘legal institutions’ will encompass all law enforcement agencies or any other agencies of the state (or empowered or authorized by the state) that are concerned with the law in any manner whatsoever.

This course can also be considered a course on comparative law.

Module A: Russian Legal System In Context


Module B: Foundations of Russian Law


Module C: Administration of Russian Legality


Module D: State Structure of Russia



Each module will be assessed by a 45-minute unseen written examination.


Module A first has to be completed first.

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