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"In a few lessons, you have made what I am learning, real."

Double First in Two Final Semester Modules

"I got firsts for both Juris and PIL!! I could not have done this without you...."

Second Upper in Criminal Law... Firsts in Public Law And Tort

"Even under the challenging circumstances of COVID-19, I was able to achieve a second-upper classification, far above what I anticipated...."

Senior Executive in Real Estate Development, New York, USA

"This has been an immense help in getting through the process with solid understanding and high marks...."

Pierre, Retired Engineer In His Late 60s, Who Dropped Out Of LL.B 35 Years Ago, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I started 36 years ago, but was not able to complete.... So much has changed in the intervening years! I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the stimulus...."

Medical Practitioner in His 50s, Sydney, Australia

"Your online law academy fits my requirements to a 'T.' I enjoy the flexibility of one-on-one learning, along with the written assignments...."

17-Year-Old Full-Time Student, Singapore

"Thanks to the mentoring and advanced educational planning I received from your Program Director and senior Faculty, I was able to condense several years of education...."

Stanley, Part-Time Student in His Mid-20s, Hong Kong

"My Commercial Law instructor was incredible in helping me ground the taught concepts to real life, and provided concrete and relatable examples..."

Wendy, Working Professional Returning to Studies, South Africa

"You have taken me from guesswork to structure, from imaginary and abstract, to real...."

Full-Time Student From Another School Who Studied With Us Three Weeks Before Re-Sitting An Exam, South America

"What was really helpful was the detailed marking, showing the structure and approach to answering exam questions...."

Completed LL.B At 21

"I found not only a knowledgeable tutor on virtually any legal area with the University of London, but also an accessible and very capable tutor...."

Jose Rodriguez, Attorney, North Hollywood, California, USA

"What really helped was your to the point, connect the concepts and apply to real-life method of teaching, and your very stringent marking...."

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