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This course takes you on a journey of discovering and studying the role of the United Nations in promoting and protecting human rights.

The course aims to demonstrate how human rights enjoy an inspiring and effective framework within the UN system and its institutional structure. That framework was set out in the charter of the United Nations which was adopted in the wake of the Second World War and entered into force in October 1945.

The course also takes you through the historical development of international human rights law, how human rights law operates under the UN and examines the relevant bodies and specialized agencies in this important legal area.

Module A: Mechanisms For Human Rights Protection by United Nations Bodies


Module B: Substantive Rights Under United Nations Human Rights Treaties 1


Module C: Substantive Rights Under United Nations Human Rights Treaties 2


Module D: Selected United Nations Human Rights Bodies and Specialized



Each module will be assessed by a 45-minute unseen written examination.


Module A has to be completed first.


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