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The modern high street is now full of franchises – from the coffee we drink to the cars we hire and from dry cleaning to supermarkets. Franchising is little more than a contract between a franchisee and a franchisor.

The contract can be complex, at its core is the granting of a licence to use the franchisor’s intellectual property. Additionally, the franchising relationship is increasingly regulated – from the initial offer of the franchise to the franchisee, to the competition issues that might arise where a franchise becomes dominant in a particular market.

In Franchising law you will study how and why the rules governing franchise agreements work. The course primarily looks at the law of England and Wales, the United Kingdom and the European Union, although it also looks to laws in other countries as these might be relevant when franchises expand.

Module A: The business of franchising


Module B: Intellectual property and franchising


Module C: The franchising contract


Module D: The regulation of franchising



Each module is assessed by a 45-minute unseen written exam.


Students are required to attempt Module A first.

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