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* Note: Includes detailed marking of four exam-type questions.  (This is a new module, for which there are no past exam questions yet.)

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We also teach one-on-one on a regular basis (i.e., once or twice a week, fortnightly), or on an as-needed basis.  If you would like to sign up but classes have already begun, we can arrange for several one-on-one sessions until you can join a group class, depending on your situation and needs.

Introduction To Criminology is a new module introduced by the University in 2018.  It is an elective module taken by Year 2 students.

(Note: This course is not the same as Criminology, which is a Year 3 elective.)

The module explores the different ways in which crime is measured, studied and understood; the various disciplinary schools of thought that have contributed to this endeavor; and some of the key contemporary issues in criminological scholarship and debate.

This module can be followed by Criminology in Year 3 as another elective module.

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